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Though there is an efficient power supply, it’s necessary for one and all to maintain appropriate power consumption. This is very much significant for industries of small, medium and large-sized ones as well. Servomax Precious Private Limited, offering the right power solutions, occupies the top position in India. It is the best company manufacturing customized Automatic Power Factor Control Panels (APFC panels).

The power factor, the measure of appropriate power utilization for operations, is important. Maintaining a power factor is necessary for industries because if there is a lagging power factor, then they have to face drawing over-currents, unnecessary power usage, financial penalization, and other such issues.

SERVOMAX PRECIOUS helps the industries to avoid these problems by providing specialized APFC panels with cutting-edge technologies like automation, microprocessors, etc. We use high-quality capacitor banks, galvanized steel, and MCB to enable efficient functioning of the panels. They identify the power factor deviation and automatically correct it. Thereby, they help in –

  • Better power factor maintenance
  • No power factor penalties
  • Nil manual disruptions
  • Reducing high-current consumption losses
  • Reduced power bills
  • Energy saving

Our APFC panels are strictly manufactured under global standard measures and are perfectly used for various applications like –

  • Cinema Halls and Multiplexes
  • Cement and Paper Mills
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Power Plants
  • Rice Mills
  • BPO Organizations
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Granite Industries
  • Shopping Malls

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