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Distribution of the generated electricity to the end-users is a careful and sensitive deal. Pertaining to strictly secured and safe voltage conditions, distribution transformers provide substantial power output to residential, commercial, industrial, and government segments. Servomax Precious Private Limited is one of the best distribution transformer manufacturers in India.

We are specialized in providing step-down distribution transformers with capacities up to 2500kVA. They reduce the high-voltage current from power generation stations to the required levels based on the requirements. SERVOMAX PRECIOUOS designs sturdy, highly-insulated, and safest models by obtaining world-class raw materials and adopting cutting-edge technologies.

Specific standardized measures in the manufacturing, quality control, and delivery processes make our three-phase oil-cooled distribution transformers reliable and preferable in the domestic and international markets. We provide the best models to handle higher voltage conditions as well. SERVOMAX PRECIOUS competent and economical distribution transformers are suitable for several applications like –

  • Gated Communities
  • Residential Apartments
  • Shopping Malls and Theatres
  • Telecom Centres
  • Food Processing Units
  • Cold Storages
  • Power Plant Applications
  • Industrial Applications
  • Granite or Stone Crushers
  • Pharma Industries

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