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In addition to providing substantial voltage levels, the electrical transformers have to save the equipment from unexpected power problems like surges, spikes, electric shocks, and earthing issues. Servomax Precious Private Limited entails enough skilled workforces, advanced tools and technologies, and world-class standard strategies to manufacture isolation transformers. We equip them with ultimate galvanic isolation means to separate the load from the power source during unfavorable conditions.

The Company strictly limits to national and international standards in the process of offering custom-fit isolation transformers. We follow excellent strategies right from the world-class raw material pooling, sturdy manufacturing, perfect formulation and assembly, and the safest quality control practices to timely delivery services. We incorporate standard 1:1 and 2:1 winding considerations as per the customers’ requirements.

SERVOMAX PRECIOUS isolation transformers adopt industrial trendy practices to make them smarter, automatic, accurate, and more user-friendly. They ensure 100% security to the concerned electric and electronic equipment as well as the personnel or staff dealing with such equipment. Our products efficiently minimize earthing failures, harmonic deviations, etc. We enable our isolation transformers to be easily used in several applications like –

  • Cell Phone Networks
  • Analytical Instruments
  • Automobile Equipment
  • Remote Control Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Computer Installations
  • Textile Machinery

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