Oil Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Oil Cooled Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer

Contributing specific and sufficient power voltage to power appliances through stabilizers is very much important. Servomax Precious Private Limited, the best provider of power-based solutions, is a leading manufacturer of oil-cooled servo stabilizers. With the prominence of servomechanism in stabilizers, servo stabilizers have become significant nowadays. Our Company concentrates on the customers’ demands to offer the best three-phase oil-cooled servo stabilizers.

We assure the perfect follow-up of national and international standard in the manufacturing, quality control, and testing methods. World-class copper for windings, standard carbon brushes, efficient servo motors, and other distinctive components are fixed in our units to enable better performance and longer durability. Our skilled employees impart cutting-edge technologies to accommodate a better flow of oil through capillaries for oil-based cooling of the servo stabilizer. The assembly, transport, delivery, and other important considerations are excellent satisfying multiple client-base across the globe.

SERVOMAX PRECIOUS is even engaged in providing outstanding servo stabilizer services apart from their manufacturing and supply. Our products are tailor-made with different capacities up to the range of 5000kVA. We offer such reliable three-phase oil-cooled servo voltage stabilizers to enable distinctive applications like –

  • Elevators
  • Automobile Equipment
  • Industrial Applications
  • Motor Lab Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Metal Processing Equipment
  • CNC & VMC Machines

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