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Servomax Precious Private Limited occupies a prestigious place in the market. Focusing on sufficient and the best-quality power supply, it offers outstanding power-conditioning and power-saving products. It is highly specialized in manufacturing customized models of power conditioners. The capacity range of these products ranges up to 3000kVA.

The electric supply to the electric and electronic equipment sometimes includes long-term interruptions, notches, noises, surges, sags, and frequency differences. With such issues, there will be erratic behavior, malfunctioning or impairment of the electrical and electronic equipment. Many problems like data loss, video interferences, audio problems, etc. will occur consequently. Power conditioners can control all these problems.

SERVOMAX PRECIOUS encompasses the expertise research team to adopt new and latest technological means like filters to stop the power-issues. It follows the national and international strategies to construct reliable and strong power conditioners. High-class raw materials for windings, better insulation materials, absolutely perfect delta and star connections, and efficient air-based cooling make our products more standardized and preferable in the market. SERVOMAX PRECIOUS power conditioners are suitably used for –

  • Biomedical Equipment
  • Automobile Equipment
  • Cell Phone Networks
  • Larger Computer Installations
  • CNC Machinery
  • Garment Industries
  • Industrial Applications
  • IT Applications
  • Heavy Manufacturing Plants

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