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Power demands in urban, rural, and remote areas of India are really huge. An immense need for power generation is even noticeable all over the world. Among the many significant tools for producing electricity, power transformers are one. They assure the best voltage conditions in power generation plants. Servomax Precious Private Limited is a leading power transformer manufacturer in India. It successfully efforts to cherish such gigantic needs of power transformers.

At SERVOMAX PRECIOUS, we have experienced professionals to meet your power transformer solutions with absolute tailoring flexibilities. We follow specific national and international standards to design, manufacture and test the power transformers. Strictly relying on the customers’ interests, we provide varied sizes of transformers for indoor and outdoor applications.

Our latest technological patterns in the step-up and step-down power transformers guarantee trouble-free performance. We build strong, high-quality, and safe units to accommodate three-phase power generation applications. Our custom-fit oil-cooled and air-cooled power transformers are available in affordable ranges in the market. Assuring longer durability and efficient performance, we provide small and medium power transformers with capacities up to 16MVA. Our products are highly useful at –

  • Power Generation Stations
  • DISCOM Substations
  • Solar and Wind Power Plants
  • Industrial Applications

SERVOMAX PRECIOUS is an extensive helping hand for many customers because of its gratified and high-end quality transformer service. With the precious brand of SERVOCARE, it does various power transformer repairing and maintenance services to the self-branded and other-branded products over the world.

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