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Servomax Precious Private Limited is a famous enterprise engaged in manufacturing residential servo stabilizers. Accommodating sufficient voltage power supply to the household power appliances is important without which they will expose to serious damages. We offer a single distinctive servo stabilizer to control voltage fluctuations among all the devices in the house.

Characteristic safety measures are available in our residential servo stabilizers to enable protection against sudden shocks, short-circuit, overvoltages, and under voltages. Strict standard measures, world-class raw materials, and spectacular quality control measures make our products more reliable, accurate, efficient, and durable. We enable oil-cooled and air-cooled servo stabilizers to meet the residential power safety needs.

SERVOMAX PRECIOUS designs customized capacities of these stabilizers to the range of 250kVA. We build three-phase and single-phase residential servo stabilizers to manage the voltage conditions at

  • Individual Houses
  • Villas
  • Apartments
  • Gated Communities
  • High-Rise Buildings

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