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Obtaining maintenance-free power-conditioning and power-saving means is beneficial for end-users. Servomax Precious Private Limited gives this opportunity by its outstanding tailor-made static stabilizers. Being the leading static stabilizer manufacturer in India, it builds and supplies assorted sizes and designs of static stabilizers for various residential, commercial, and industrial segments in the society.

SERVOMAX PRECIOUS engages superb manufacturing and quality control practices as per the national and international standards. We use state-of-the-art technologies like IGBT, automation, microprocessors, and others to enhance their performance. With no moving parts, our static stabilizers need minimum maintenance, thereby, reducing the maintenance costs. They even have individual phase control, quicker response time, and higher speed of voltage correction. So, we ensure better affordable, efficient, and safer static stabilizers to use in different applications.

They avail several benefits like –

  • Nil Maintenance
  • Noise-less Operations
  • Distinctive Sizes
  • Lesser Weight
  • Easy Auto By-Pass Facility

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