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Ultra Isolation Transformer Manufacturer

Perpetual upgrades in the transformers are prominent with the upcoming latest technologies and innovations. Insightful security inventions along with efficient power supply are observed in excellent models of transformers – ultra-isolation transformers. Servomax Precious Private Limited is the customer-friendly organization that efforts to make its clients happy and satisfied. It is one of the eminent ultra-isolation transformer manufacturers in India to assure secured power transfer to sensitive electrical and electronic appliances.

Our Company introduces galvanic isolation means and high insulation materials in the electrical transformers for safety purposes. However, we even impart specific shielding technologies to filter issues like surges, harmonic differences, noises, voltage interruptions, etc. SERVOMAX PRECIOUS best ultra-isolation transformers are, hence, the best means to obtain the safest and good-quality power supply.

We manufacture these transformers with capacities ranging up to 3000kVA. In adherence with valuable global standards, they are highly reliable, efficient, and enable trouble-free performance. Without compromising on the quality, SERVOMAX PRECIOUS assures custom-fit models in different sizes and capacities along with considering the installation locations. Trustfully, they are used in applications like –

  • Computer Applications
  • Automobile Industries
  • CNC Machines
  • Industrial Applications
  • Medical Instrumentation

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